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At Results Unlimited, you will find that our passion is to help people transform their lives to become the optimum image of themselves. You are not just a number or do we provide cookie-cutter programs but we work with you through a comprehensive wellness journey. With our proven track record, education, personalization, and technology you are assured to achieve the results you dream of. Your mind and vision are your strongest attributes, so we provide the best fitness prescription starting with your mindset to avoid obstacles and overcome habits to assure the physiological results expected.

Whether you are training to lose weight, tone up, sports performance, or compete on a national stage, we are right there with you throughout your journey.


Our Trainers


Amy Lemieux

Gym owner & Trainer
Amy is one of the most renowned fitness trainers in north Georgia. Amy has just been named the 2020 National Fitness Show's Overall Winner, Master's Winner and Open Winner. She has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and has achieved pro bodybuilder status and was ranked top 2 in the NPC, and continues to compete today. She's available for competition training and consulting. She is grateful to have influenced and trained many of the fitness experts in this area. Amy is passionate about whole body transformation - spirit, soul and body. She's a polished professional and is successful in guiding others through obstacles; check out our testimonials! She is also a certified nutritionist and is able to provide a complete fitness plan for you. Amy says: "I'm not as concerned about what you're eating as I am about what's eating you."

Pauline Dempsey

Personal Trainer
My passion to help others comes from my own personal transformation journey 4 years ago. I was obese, lethargic, diagnosed with high blood pressure and bipolar depression. I was just miserable waking up every day dreading looking and feeling the way I did. One day I was driving with my son in the car and passed out from high blood pressure and got in an accident; what a wake-up call! Since then I have totally transformed my life physically, mentally, and spiritually. Not only did I lose 30% body fat and gained great muscle tone I have got myself off all my medication. I can relate with most situations working in Medical Field and, personally overcoming my own health challenges, I have been able to help others overcome their own challenges.



"I first came to Amy after many years with the desire to compete in bodybuilding. I can’t remember how I first heard about her, I just remember knowing if you wanted to do competitions, and have a broad knowledge of what goes into it, she was the one to go to. I went and spoke to her and she was eager to help immediately, and took the time with me just walking in to go over my thoughts and listen. She has led me through many shows in many years at Results Unlimited and I can’t see myself anywhere else. Little did I know God had placed us in each other’s path for much more than competition knowledge. We have become more of a sister relationship than work out friends. And most important my love for God has grown ever increasingly through watching her love for God. I have participated in Bible studies with her, she passes her books onto me, and powerful prayers to gain closeness with God. I am so thankful for her , her gym and what God has in store in the future."


"My home away from home! My Happy Place!"


"A place where you learn to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically."


Results Unlimited
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